• Hastings Electrician Extra sockets installed from £45.00

    These days you seem to need a plug for everything and the average household probably does not have anywhere near enough plug sockets to satisfy our current needs. With the ever-growing array of entertainment items such as televisions, games consoles, set-top boxes, surround sound systems, the list goes on and on, most people end up with a tangle of extension leads hidden behind cabinets in order to cope. Not only are they unsightly they can also be a fire hazard.  

  • LED Lighting installer Hastings East Sussex

    It makes sense to say goodbye to fluorescent, halogen and other technologies. 

    LEDs are becoming more and more popular for many reasons, firstly they last so much longer than conventional light bulbs meaning less maintenance and then there is the reduced energy consumption. With the cost of bulbs continuing to fall the option of upgrading your lighting to LED is being opened to a wider audience than ever before. Following are eight advantages to consider when thinking about upgrading your lighting: