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Upgrade to LED lighting to save as much as £240.00 Hastings Electrician

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It makes sense to say goodbye to fluorescent, halogen and other technologies. 

LEDs are becoming more and more popular for many reasons, firstly they last so much longer than conventional light bulbs meaning less maintenance and then there is the reduced energy consumption. With the cost of bulbs continuing to fall the option of upgrading your lighting to LED is being opened to a wider audience than ever before. Following are eight advantages to consider when thinking about upgrading your lighting:


Hastings Electrician Garden Lighting

Fitting low voltage lights in your garden

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The right lighting in your garden has many benefits, it creates an ambiance and can increase the enjoyment and usability of your outdoor space whilst also providing additional security and safety to your property. Low voltage lighting is probably the safest and easiest lighting to install in your garden. Low voltage lighting is readily available online and in garden centres and can be installed with relative ease. Commonly the lights are on spikes that are simply pushed into the ground, and the power is provided through an ordinary two core cable and transformer.

Want to save £240 per year?

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Who doesn't want to save £240 a year!

Whilst LED bulbs would probably be a considered purchase for most, your investment could be repaid in as little as five months and could continue to save you money for the lifetime of the LED bulb.

LEDs last about 10 times longer than standard filament bulbs, and use 10% of the electricity of a standard bulb which means you can enjoy lower bills as a result.