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Fitting low voltage lights in your garden

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The right lighting in your garden has many benefits, it creates an ambiance and can increase the enjoyment and usability of your outdoor space whilst also providing additional security and safety to your property. Low voltage lighting is probably the safest and easiest lighting to install in your garden. Low voltage lighting is readily available online and in garden centres and can be installed with relative ease. Commonly the lights are on spikes that are simply pushed into the ground, and the power is provided through an ordinary two core cable and transformer.

 Step 1

Plug the supplied 12-volt transformer into a convenient power socket either indoors or in your shed, or garage if you have one. as the transformer will need protection from the elements. Cable sizes can differ depending on the type and length of lights you have. You may need to pass the cable through a wall, door or window frame to get the power to the outside. remember you may also need to line the hole with conduit to protect the cable. 

 Step 2

Where you have passed the cable through the hole seal it up with silicone sealant to prevent moisture getting in. Once outside because the lighting is low voltage the cable can just be laid on the ground or sit just below the surface. Do make sure that you run the cable in such a way that it will not be damaged by the lawnmower or cause a trip hazard, if necessary you can always bury the cable at a depth of approximately 450mm and use electrical route tape at 150mm down to show it is there. This should minimize the risk of damage from even the most energetic digger!